#ConceptLS for iOS7 v1.2

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ConceptLS goes of the notion that no user should ever have to edit a file to get a lockscreen working. This is such a hassle for "new users" With CLS you do not have to edit any files. Everything is done from the lockscreen. Including Location code (uses zip code or woeid) Set Celsius or Fareinheit, Set 24 or 12 hr time, even choosing wallpaper from camera roll. In my 5+ years of developing I have never witnessed any lockscreen that allow this usability.

CLS was based around gestures. You can swipe right, swipe left, swipe up, taphold etc.. With iOS7 this has become cumbersome because the LS is actually floating. These swipe gestures still work, but to help users I have added touch points that will activate the same actions as the gestures.

[B]Tap left arrow to open options
Tap right arrow to open app system
Tap the center of the screen to show a description of weather./ You can also swipe from the center down to access this. Up and down swipes work well.[/B]

If you are curious of the swipes tap the left arrow, then press [B]help[/B]. It will display the swipe areas.

Other features include opening apps directly from the lockscreen. You tap the right arrow, then drag the unlock icon to the app. It will then open that said app.

If you tap hold on any of these icons a menu will popup to let you customize the apps that are showed. So far I have 10 apps that can be chosen.

While in the app selection menu you can use a gesture to swipe up from the bottom to switch to a new set of 5 apps. I do plan on adding more apps to these menus.

Light/Dark options. with the user choosing any wallpaper from camera roll this became an issue with one color. I have added the option to press the dark button.  It will then switch between white/dark elements. (All elements)

On top of all that is sounds. Yes sounds;P You can enable these and whenever you swipe a menu out it will play a sound.

Know issues: If you use the sound then when you pull up ControlCenter it will just try to play these sounds. I have yet to find a work around, but to press the home button to reset the Cydget. When you do this you can play music from your library.

Also implemented is Tap to unlock, and LS Dim is set to 20secs (instead of 5) so you can enjoy your lockscreen longer. Bytafont 2 fonts are supported throughout ConceptLS


Version 1.2 Changes
Removed Sounds - There were many issues reported with locking up of the lockscreen. This was caused by loading sounds. I tried to fix this issue, but I couldn't therefore sounds have been removed.

Added - Instead of the description at the top when you slide down, you will now have a forecast. The weather code has also been modified to run as smooth as possible.

Added- Ability to add any GroovyLock Lockscreen as wallpaper. This will apply the GL above the wallpaper layer. It will remove the blur from the menus, hide the top menu, but all other things including the "App Switcher" is available. Forecast will show on top of every GL.

To activate this feature, press the left arrow, or slide from the very left to right. Click the more button then choose Groovy. Enter the name of the GL you would like to use. This name has to be exactly how it is shown in GL. It will load this GL everytime you open your device.

Turn off GL by going into the left menu, clicking more and XGroovy.

Added - Unlock buttons. In 1.2 you have the ability to choose between 4 different lock images. I also added the ability to create your own custom tap to unlock text.

Hope you enjoy the update, and if you have any issues please let me know here.

Thanks for your support!

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