iWidgets Pack

For now here is a link HERE to donate for my iWidgets. So far I have multiple (around 24) iWidgets included and more to add. I ask for a donation because these are from paid themes.

Thanks for your support!

  • 1nspire Dark Weather
  • 1nspire Clock
  • 69 Weather (all colors)
  • WiWeather
  • iRss
  • Clock iWidget
  • EnVy Rss
  • 1nspire Dark Clock
  • 3D Weather Widget
  • eXplosion Weather 
  • iButterfly
  • 69 Globe Weather
  • EZ4U2NV hi/lo
  • EZ4U2NV Time
  • EZ4U2NV Weather frame
  • EZ4U2NV Weather icon
  • 1OS Weather/Clock
  • 69 G29 Weather
  • 69 G29 Forecast
  • 69 White Weather Icon

Note if you have a theme purchased, but cannot download its iWidget just contact me I will send it to you

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