NextGenUI Theme "Aura"

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NextGenUI like never seen before! 

Complete UI overhaul, including 6 new background/foregrounds, foldericons, battery/signal display, datastore, menu items, lockscreen wallpapers and more!

Beta testing will start soon (Will randomly choose pre-order donators to test) Currently holding of on full release due to icon support! PreOrder your copy today. Will release in cydia for a whopping .99 cents.

PreOrder NextGenUI theme "Aura" Click Here  
For a limited time "Aura LS" is included, this will be a separate purchase in cydia.

If you donate you will NOT have to purchase in cydia when released

NextGenUI sold separately HERE

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Brought to you by JunesiPhone OtisHuff and the creator of NextGenUI GroovyCarrot

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NOTE: Icons will change!!!


  1. You guys are going all out with NextGen, the future of the iDevices are in your hands. This is gonna be STUNNING !!!!

  2. I am so on board. I've been a part of NextGenUI from the very beginning and believe this changes everything.

  3. It looks amazing already, and that's just based off of the non-functional stationary screenshots!
    Keep up the good theming you guys!

  4. We PAID for NextGenUI we shouldn't have to pay for simple upgrades like a LOCKSCREEN because that's all we need.

  5. Donation Sent (Unique Transaction ID #12B52157UP418821J)

  6. @kenneth_rock26: @GroovyCarrot Hi, I pre-ordered NextGenUI Aura theme. Will I receive any repo for that? Can you please tell me how to get the theme?