Theming icons for winterboard

Now lets say winterboard was up to date. How do we change our icons then.

In SystemApplication as well as UserApplications, within every app there is an info.plist
This info.plist tells the system a few things. It also holds the CFBundleIdentifier

This cfbundle identifier is basically the name for the app. Names like Camera and AppStore are really just their nick names. Their full names go like or

Since every app has an info.plist,  and every app has a name winterboard can use this info to find out what you want to change.

So lets take

To theme this in winterboard we first create a folder. We can name is MyTheme.theme.

Inside theme.theme make another folder name Bundles.

Inside bundles create your app name as a folder. So  make a folder named

Inside you can put your icons

Put the theme.theme in winterboard select it and boom. Icon is themed

Below is an example of an info.plist

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