More advanced themeing without winterboard

I say advanced, but this really is baby stuff, but as most people don't have a clue we will call it advanced..

This is for the "important folders" Folders that every themer should know about. Ones that handle many frameworks that create complete themes.

Most are located in System/Library

Get is System, Library. Yes so this is the systems library. It houses images for well the system.

Most of these are called frameworks. Inside these frameworks house images for certain things.

Most common frameworks are.

Private Frameworks
and of course CoreServices

If you theme you will be in and out of these all the time. Today we will talk about CoreServices.

Inside coreservices holds another subset of folders. These include items such as the.

I think we all know what springboard is, but I will explain about this

Mostly anything you see on your springboard will be in this app. So SBBadge, FolderIcons, NotificationsCenter, Dock, etc etc. If you see something on the springboard and you wonder where it is (besides icons) most likely it will be in here.


 Go to stystem/library/coreservices/ and look for ControlCenterGlyphCamera@2x.png

This image (while on the phone) is located when you open ControlCenter.

If you replace this image it will replace that glyph. Now it is important to not that in iOS7 anything that is called Glyph you will not be  able to change the color of (without code) So basically all you will get is the shadow of the image you put in.

Say if you put in an image of a basketball. You will not get back a basketball you will get back the shape of the basketball. Just a round circle.

Other images are in here like your notification badge. You can alter this just like the camera glyph and acts the exact same way. It to is a glyph/mask.

You can change it from its round size to triangle, square, or whatever shape you like. As far as the red color I have yet to find what changes this red.

Quick tip, if you take this notification image and make it semi trans. Meaning taking it into photoshop and turning the opacity down you can make it see through.

More soon....

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