Theming without winterboard

Hello fellow iJunkies.. Today we will talk about theming your phone without the use of winterboard.

Reason for this is many of you have no clue what the hell you are doing. I will try to explain it the best way I can.

NOTE: After winterboard is updated you will not have to do this. BUT it is good knowledge to have.

Alright what do we need.

Download afc2add from cydia

1. iFunBox -Works on mac and pc
2. iPhone
3. Icons you would like to use
4. Patience

IF you do not have number 4 please find some.

You will need a jailbroken device (obviously). With this jailbroken device plug it into your pc or mac.

Once plugged in you will see your iphone in iFunBox much like this.

In the left hand side (of ifunbox) shows your iphone folders.

In this tutorial we will be mainly using the System Applications and User Applications.

Inside these two folder holds all your apps and all the stuff they need to work. Including icons. Well to change these icons  we need to replace the images that are in these folders.

Lets change the mail icon.

Click on System Applications, now click on
Inside this folder you can find the icon.  On this occasion is is called "Icon@2x.png"
Find the icon you would  like to use.  Make sure it is 120x120 (using photoshop or any other image editing software) and name it EXACTLY as it is in so in this case Icon@2x.png

In iOS7 it caches the icon images, this is so the springboard will load quicker (I guess)

You can clear this cache by going into /var/mobile/Library/Caches and clearing the

or You can install winterboard and respring. Winterboard clears this cache for you

NOW all you have to do is drag that icon in ifunbox and bam it will change the icon. BUT!!!!! If you ever want to use the original you cannot, because you just replaced it:(

SO before you move the new icon in just rename the old/original icon. You can name it OldIcon@2x.png or whatever you want. This is just so we have backup.

Make sure you respring for the icon to change.




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