FlappyBird Cydget iOS7 Lockscreen

FLAPPY BIRD!!!  Seems to be the talk of the interwebs these days. I have played it myself, and seems like a very simple game. Simple enough I mentioned. I can't believe anyone hasn't made an html version of this yet. Soon after mentioning this on twitter, I was send a few links. Only one stood out and that is.

http://FlappyBird.io This FlappyBird was created by @MaxMcDonnell

For iPhone 5/5s http://FlappyBird.io/iphone5.html

So being the lockscreen fanatic that I am. I contacted Mr McDonnell, and asked him if I could use it for a Lockscreen. Long story short, he said yes and I would like to present Flappy Cydget.

This uses Cydgets free in cydia to run FlappyBird on your lockscreen. Simply enable it in cydget and you're off and running.

You can download this Cydget here for free.


Install location: System/Library/LockCydget

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Available Now for iPhone 4s, 5 and 5s

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