LockBuilder for iOS7 "You're not going to believe this"

The time has come to release my next project. I would like to introduce you to LockBuilder.

Now you may be looking at the screenshot above, and thinking i'm crazy. Well just to delay any confusion, I will let you know I am crazy. 

What you see above is just a small piece of what LockBuilder is about. This is just one lockscreen that I designed within minutes with LockBuilder. And guess what I didn't touch one piece of code whatsoever. (Link to more lockscreens created with LockBuilder below).

I aim to bring you full control over what your lockscreen looks, and feels like. You no longer have to be a coder to create your own lockscreens. You just need LockBuilder!

LockBuilder itself writes more code, than a majority of coders. It is very smart, and it enables the simplest of user to pick it up and immediately create something that has never been seen before! It is customized only to your liking.

Now enough with the pitch, lets get down to the working of LockBuilder and some of its features.

As of now LockBuilder is working with LockHTML3. It is as simple as selecting it, turning on a few toggles (To remove apples idea of what you want on a lockscreen) and your off and running.

You have tons of things to choose from

Weather Elements
  • Temp
  • Icon
  • City
  • Humidity
  • Description
  • Date
  • Time
  • Text Time
  • High
  • Low
  • Update Time
On top of that each one of these is able to be moved anywhere on the lockscreen! Even more it allows you to size, and rotate each item with simple gestures.

Also included is some pre-made widgets.
  • HTC style clock
  • 5 Day Forecast
  • uniAW Animated Weather by Ian Nichol
  • Radar that will show US radar (Other countries are coming)
Just as with the weather elements you can move these wherever you like. (Besides uniAW and Radar) Once you have moved them, lockbuilder remembers where you put them. So next time you enter your lockscreen they are at the same place you left them, same scale and same rotation.

If that isn't enough, i've added GroovyLock support. Any GroovyLock you have you can load it inside of LockBuilder. This means you can add a clock, date, time, city, temp or even animated weather to any GroovyLock.

I guess by now you know i'm crazy. Just to let you know i'm not finished yet.

Also added, is the ability to add icons to your lockscreen. (passcode prohibits most apps from being opened) They can be moved, rotated, and scaled however you like! I have included.
  • Tweetbot
  • Mail
  • Facebook
  • Music
  • SMS (if you have biteSMS it will bring up QuickReply)
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
LockBuilder come with 3 default icon sets, but you can change them to any winterboard theme you have. Thats right! Full winterboard support. Just type in the name of a theme and voilĂ  themed icons to match your theme.

Well what about wallpapers? Thats a key thing for a lockscreen. I am glad to say i've given you direct access to any photo in your camera roll. Just a simple press of a button will give you your entire camera roll! Select an image fit for the iPhone screen (640x1136) and LockBuilder will immediately load it, and save it for next time you come to your lockscreen.

On top of that I know how some of you love the dynamic walls. These are also supported! 

Think i'm done yet? I'm not...

What about colors? You have picked a beautiful white wallpaper, but you have white text. We all know this looks like ####! 

Because of this I have given you a color picker. Any color you could imagine can be set to all elements, including the widgets! 

I even gave you the ability to add shadows to your text. Live! You can move knobs and see the shadow as you are picking it. Unbelievable!

There is much more including different weather icons 11+ different ones to choose from! Different fonts to choose from, even bytafont2 support.

This is a lot to take in i'm sure. I have never seen anything like it, I have also taken the time to create a YouTube channel and put as many tutorials of these items as I can.

 I really do hope you take the chance to check it out. Price will be set at $3.99, any more donation is much appreciated. 

I am not ready for cydia release, well not full blown in your face stock repo release. I've teamed up with my buddy Gunny29 and we will host it on his repo. 

Purchasing is simple, send a donation to the link below, with your UDID number. We will send you the repo and grant you access to download. Included in your purchase is all further updates. Your cydia account will also be credited when the full release happens.

So what are you waiting for come join the LockBuilder team! I need/want your feedback to make this even better than it already is.

NOTE: Repo is setup now. All UDIDs are added within 30 minutes after donation.

Repo : http://LockBuilder.gunny29.com

Donate to have access here

LockBuilder LockScreens: http://lockbuilderforios7.blogspot.com/
YouTube Tutorials: http://t.co/C1BgA30y9a
Modmyi: http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-5-new-skins-themes-launches/834515-lockbuilder-youre-not-going-believe.html

Some instructions

LockBuilder will be installed into the winterboard directory. It does NOT get applied in winterboard.

With HTML3 the background seems to show before LockBuilder, to compensate for this just go to settings and add a solid black wallpaper as your lockscreen wallpaper.

Go to LockHTML3 from settings and turn on Enable HTML

Below that Select Widget, LockBuilder will show here.

LockHTML settings

Under advanced, disable edit mode must be turned on (will stop ls from moving around)
Under Hide LS Elements turn on.
Hide CC Grabber
Hide NC Grabber
Hide Camera Grabber
Hide Unlock Chevron
Hide Unlock Text
Hide Clock View

Under Misc Settings
Hide Status bar
Custom LS Timeout set to max (I recommend getting Lockscreen Extender to delay even longer)

LockBuilder is in its infancy stage, although I have had a handful of testers, you may experience some bugs. Please report them to me at LockBuilder@gmail.com

What you see now is subject to change. I do plan on a UI change. You will be updated via cydia.

Thanks everyone for their support, and congratulations on having one of the baddest lockscreens available. Please do share screenshots on social networks with the hash tag #LockBuilder

Modmyi Thread: http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-5-new-skins-themes-launches/834515-lockbuilder-youre-not-going-believe.html

Youtube Tutorials: http://t.co/C1BgA30y9a

How to add source

Go to cydia and click the manage tab, then click sources.
in the top right click edit then add http://lockbuilder.gunny29.com

Thanks for your support!

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