LockBuilder Evo taking over your entire device.

LockBuilder Evo is beginning to do much more than being a Lock Builder. It now has the ability to create Springboard widgets with the help of SBHTML. Allows you to use the many items LBEvo provides, and sets them to your springboard. You create a setup as usual, then have a button to send this layout to the springboard. Even save the layout for later use.

Now we are going to take over icon positioning. Its nice to have these widgets anywhere on the SpringBoard, but really is a pain to move icons or create layouts with iconoclasm. There is an iconoclasm layout maker, but still requires you to open another app, make plist and select it.

I have created an iconoclasm layout maker right inside LockBuilder.

With the press of the iconoclasm button, it will open the layout maker. 

Everything you need to make a great layout is here. Guides, horizontal and vertical. You can place these to have icons snap to them, this is to have an even layout. Add icons, you can add as many icons as you want. and put them anywhere above the control menu. Each icon has a settings button where you can press to either delete, move on the x-axis by entering a value, or move on the y-axis. You can also just simply drag the icon. Most importantly it lays directly over the layout you make in LockBuilder. This way you can place icons in just the right places.

Once you press make plist, LBEvo will create this plist for iconoclasm, and respring. If you have LBEvo.plist set in iconoclasm as your preferred layout, your springboard will change as soon as LB resprings. If you don't have it selected, you can select it in iconoclasm respring again and setup will show.

This update is going through final testing now, and should be available soon.

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