LockBuilder Evo 1.5 The Journey continues.

What will be new in version 1.5?

More options! If there wasn't enough LBEvo now has Hour, Min and Colon in separate elements. You can edit each one individually. If you want the Hour to be red and the Minute to be blue that is now possible. If you want the hour to be one font and the minute to be another this is also possible.

New location items such as Neighborhood (outside US), Name of your street. Full address (Don't be frightened if it shows your full address) and the County you are in.

iWidget Frame. In creating a new iWidget I realized the frame containing the widget was stuck, not allowing a fullscreen widget. This has been fixed.

When an overlay was applied you could no longer move created items. Thanks to Jeepers for letting me know. This is now fixed.

Added a couple new notifications for Twitter or Tweetbot. This will now show your current new messages, mentions, dm's etc. Thanks to @StarkCity for the request.

Added the ability to change the text of these items. For example if you want SMS to say Text you can do this by going into the settings.app/LockBuilderEvo and changing the text. You will need to make sure that Use theme plist text is off. (If you want to use your custom text). To leave a blank or nothing just leave a space. Themes will start implementing this feature to use their set text just turn the "Use theme plist text" on.

Added the ability to unlock your device just by double tapping on the wallpaper.

Quick ChangeLog
Added Hour, Minute, Colon, Neighborhood, Street, Address, and County
Adjusted iWidget containing frame.
Fixed not being able to move created item when overlay was applied
Added the ability to change SMS, Phone, Email, Twitter, and Tweetbot text.
Added Twitter and Tweetbot notifications.
Added Double Tap to unlock phone

Update has been sent to @macciti and will be available here. LockBuilder Evo

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