Animations!! LockBuilder 2.0

A little something coming in the 2.0. I have thought about awhile. That is animations! We can have animations pre 2.0, but they were not the best. One downfall is it used the GroovyLock implementation. Meaning the view was interactive, example eQuality by Gunny29. (Allowing you to touch).

I have created now a view that is not interactive. This allows me to place a view above the wallpaper, and allow users to click through it still accessing the swipe functions.  It also lays under overlays. Using both is a perfect match.


How to add animations. In 2.0 you will have a new folder var/mobile/Library/LBEvoAnimations you can place/download any folder here that includes a html. It MUST be named index.html.

This will allow for static widgets to be placed here too. Included in the update is Weather Animations and Nature Slideshow. These are the default animation screens. Check them out, you are free to use any code for your own. (Hint: the slideshow is one of the very few that show a different screen every time you unlock the device)

Most everything about LockBuilder Evo has been for the people who don't code. This on the other hand is just fun for coders. Reason is we can have all the weather and more, without even coding it thanks to LBEvo. Just concentrate on the visual animations. There is a couple things you will need to know.

Hiding the user wall, for example if you are using a slideshow you do not need the user wall. For this you can add. window.parent.hidebg(); to your script. There is an example in Nature Slideshow.

Pulling weather information. Yahoo goes by a strict code when it comes to icon images. You can view the descriptions here. Each condition has a number by it. You can get this number from LockBuilder itself by.

var currentIcon=window.parent.iconalert(); //gives you the icon number
  setTimeout(function(){ checkagain() }, 4000); //if none is found it checks again
function checkagain(){
  var currentIcon=window.parent.iconalert();

if(currentIcon==THISNUMBER){//do this}

With this you can display any image for the condition. Great for weather animations (example in weather animations) or you can display a separate set of weather background images.

Other uses - You can implement any widget into your index.html. example if you want a static calendar, clock or static time. It is possible and very simple.  The reason you would want to do this is it is not interactive. You can swipe right over it and nothing effects LBEvo. As of now if you implement it as a widget when you swipe you will grab the iWidget in turn blocking the swipe detection from LBEvo.

Thats about it, if you ever have any questions I am almost always available. Enjoy

Other changes to 2.0
Removed DynamicWalls
Removed Hide Carrier
Fixed 7.1.1 SystemIcons

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