Best Lockscreen ever, LockBuilder Evo 1.8 Update

Theme Chooser
The all new theme chooser gets rid of all scrollbars. To scroll just move your finger up or down anywhere. To select a theme tap it, the chooser will close. To close without selecting a theme. Just tap and hold.

Icon Chooser
Icon chooser UI has been adjusted to match the theme chooser. Operates in a similar way. It will allow you to add icons to the lockscreen by tapping them. It will not close until you close it. This allows you to pick multiple icons. To close it tap and hold on any icon.

New icons for the main menu, making it easier to tap the icon. iWidget list has no scrollbar, grab the list to move it up and down. Tap and hold the list to close, or tap a widget to select it.

Quick Menu
Swipe your finger down on the lockscreen to show the quick menu. Swipe your finger up to close it.

This gives you a few options such as. 
  1. Open last app
  2. Apple's Hidden settings
  3. Save current theme
  4. Load a theme
  5. Respring your device.

New Settings
Hide Slide to unlock, Camera Grabber, CC Grabber, NC Grabber, and also Carrier logo in the statusbar.

Shadow Creator
You can now add up to 5 text shadows. Each can positioned, colored, or blurred. This can lead to some amazing text. 3D, Beveled, Inset, and more. Also added was the ability to reset shadow, and use previous made shadow. If you want the shadow you created on all text, you only have to make it once.

Over 20 fonts added! Menu has been redesigned to hold all of them in a single menu. Semi transparent to see the elements below. Drag this by tap and dragging the menu. To close it tap and hold.

Removed the scrollbar. Scroll the menu, and its submenus by dragging the icons. You get to this menu by swiping left on the lockscreen. Swipe right to close it.

Elements no longer will overlap the menu buttons. Initial icon size when set, was changed to not pull the notification center down when moving the icon. When the wallpaper button is pressed you will see a photos button appear on the lockscreen. Use this to select photos from the camera roll. Overlay, and GroovyLock menus where changed to match iWidget.

The new update is nothing less than amazing, it took a very long time to get to this point. We are already starting to work on the next update. Couple more additions coming, and further UI improvements. Hope you like the update, and thanks for the support to make this the best Cydget available.

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