25 Free iPhone Lockscreens for LockBuilder Evo from 8/23 - 8/31

-New themes uploaded this week-
Over 7,500 downloads this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted the themes they made! 

You can submit your LBEvo themes here.  Submit Themes 

We will test and package your theme, send to cydia, and create a themer page for you.

LBEvoTheme 69 Blue by fizidev

LBEvoTheme Align

LBEvoTheme Astral by LiQuiD

LBEvoTheme Circuits

LBEvoTheme Code

LBEvoTheme Dunebyfsu

LBEvoTheme Drought by fsufan

LBEvoTheme EarBuds by Wardever

LBEvoTheme Energy by Jeeepers7

LBEvoTheme Erotic

LBEvoTheme Eyes

LBEvoTheme LadyBug by FSUfan

LBEvoTheme Lambobyfsu 

LBEvoTheme Lust by FSUfan

LBEvoTheme Minimal by Gunny29

LBEvoTheme Mood

LBEvoTheme Noki7 by FiziDev

LBEvoTheme Reach

LBEvoTheme Ryde

LBEvoTheme Selfie

LBEvoTheme Serene

LBEvoTheme Tabs by Gunny29

LBEvoTheme Tastic

LBEvoTheme Tiley

LBEvoTheme Window

All themes can be found by pressing the download button from within LockBuilder Evo.

You can also visit LBEvo.com for all themes, currently hundreds of free themes available.

While visiting LBEvo.com you can simply select the theme you want, it will open to that theme in cydia. Download it then go back to your lockscreen, swipe left and choose Load. Tap the theme you downloaded, and it will load immediately. No respring needed. 

LockBuilder Evo can hold many Lockscreens at one time. Enabling you to easily select a different lockscreen each day(If you like). Or You can create your own just as the people above, save to your theme list or share with everyone.

For a full list of features visit Learn LBEvo or press the help button inside LBEvo.

Themes listed above are on the pages listed below.

*LBEvoTheme code, energy, erotic, tiley, and tastic should be live in cydia today. Sun, Aug 31

"New beta of LBEvo for GroovyLock available on Modmyi"

Direct link to cydia.

Full listing of all themes available.

Hundreds of free iPhone wallpapers.


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