iOS8 releasing tomorrow, should you upgrade?

   This is a very complicated question. Only one person can make that decision and that is you. I struggle to answer these questions asked from twitter, facebook etc.. for many reasons. I don't know how you use your iPhone, or what you want out of it. I do know a few reasons why I won't, and I will share them in this post.

1. Jailbreak! A major option for users on iOS7 is to Jailbreak your phone. This gives you many options that iOS8 won't and cannot offer. Upgrading to iOS8 will leave you unable to jailbreak for many months. Apple will cut off signing for iOS7 therefore you cannot downgrade at all. The choice is, do you want the freedom to do whatever with your phone, or be stuck with the (few) features a new iOS8 has. Lets not talk about the bugs that will, and already have come to light with iOS8.

2. App Data. New firmware means new options and or features. Some of which have not been implemented in that apps you use everyday. Some apps may not even work at all. Every firmware (unless getting a phone with pre installed firmware) it is good to sit back and wait until all bugs have been worked out, and all apps have been updated.

3. Speed. I recently updated my iPhone 4 to iOS7, just because iOS8 is coming. It does not run iOS7 smoothly no matter how you look at it. Same will go for iOS8. These firmwares are meant for new devices. Not old ones.

4. Help. The number of people who ordered the iPhone 6 is outstanding. Therefore the adoption of iOS8 should be pretty significant. Which in turn means hundreds or thousands of people witnessing bugs for the new OS, many of them going to Apple for answers on how to fix this or that. I would bet that Apple will cater to developers over users. Meaning help won't be as easy to get unless you wait a couple weeks. My bet is you will see 8.1 very soon after the release. Many bugs are being reported.

Of course for me number 1 sums it up. Although being the curious one I have installed iOS8 and I will say you won't be missing much by staying with a jailbreak, or just waiting a few weeks for another update. Everyone wants the newest firmware, yet with it being this early it always comes with a price.

Want to jailbreak your phone before updating? If you haven't jailbroke now is the time to do so.  Once iOS8 is out and on your phone, you will NOT be able to jailbreak. If you don't like the jailbreak, easily to back to iOS7 while you have the chance. You can check out my site and it will guide you on which program to jailbreak with, top iOS7 tweaks you can install, Free widgets you can download, and more.

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