LockBuilder 2.7.1 Changes

2.7.1 Just released in cydia with some great improvements.

First and foremost weather loading. The weather will now load immediately, before there was a slight delay where some users experienced the date/time loading before the weather. This has now been fixed by caching your weather data. As soon as you open the lockscreen weather will be shown.

Other changes
  • Compressed Code
  • Fixed Memory Leak with the event element 
  • Fixed Last app, it now opens with passcode set
  • Fixed issue with Springtomize (conflict of hiding items)
  • Improved theme loading
  • Added memory alert/ free memory button
  • Added a second slash / element
  • Change theme loading animation
  • Removed shake to dismiss notifications (Use ClearLockNotifications)
About the free memory button. This can be ignored by most users. There is no need to manually free memory the iOS handles this very well. I added this to view processes with javascript.  Information no other tweak provides, so I decided to keep it in the release version. This is mainly to be used if you want to test animations and see what is really going on behind the scenes.

Hiding items... Cydgets isn't the best for this. As much as I try to find the best way to hide elements it always conflicts with an actual tweak. I have spent days upon days trying to find a good way. I still haven't so if you have Springtomize do not hide elements with LockBuilder. Hide them with springtomize. I really don't care to run springtomize on my device (I do now for testing), but instead I like to use tweaks such as Lock Screen Tool to hide items on the LS. This is what I recommend doing. If  you want to hide a specific thing use a specific tweak to hide it. 

Locked themes. (most) LockBuilder themes are locked by default. To unlock theme swipe left and press unlock.

On top of the update there are a few themes released.

  • LBEvoTheme NLight
  • LBEvoTheme Focus
  • LBEvoTheme EZ4U2NV
  • LBEvoTheme Dune
  • LBEvoTheme DockST
  • LBEvoTheme Anon
You can find a full list of themes on http://LBEvo.com


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