LockBuilder Evo 2.6 "Tutorial on the iconoclasm maker"

1 - "Press to start" is used to display instructions on how to use the iconoclasm layout maker. It also serves as a reset button.

2- "Guides" let you place guides that icons will snap to. Will allow you to set a vertical and horizontal guide. (the guides are semi transparent the vertical guide when pressed will be above press to start, the horizontal will be on the left side of the screen)

3- "Add Icon" places an icon on the lockscreen. This is used to get the coordinates of where you want the icon to sit. You can drag this icon anywhere on the screen above the dock area. To add more icons press Add Icon.

4- "Save Vertical/Horizontal" Each of these has to be done in steps. For example if I want my icons to be in a 3 x 3 grid. I will first place 3 icons horizontally, then press Save Horizon.  When you press Save Horizon it will clear the screen. Now set 3 icons vertically, then press Save Vertical. Screen will clear again, but if you got an alert saying the positions where saved then they are saved and ready to be either set to the springboard or to create a backup for later use.

5-"Store/Load" Store will create a plist in var/mobile/Library/LBEvoIconoclasm. This is used to save a plist named whatever you like. If you want to make a plist for a theme that doesn't use LockBuilder you can create the plist here. Load lets you load plists that are located in var/mobile/Library/LBEvoIconoclasm. 

6-"Save LBEvo.plist" LBEvo.plist is located in Library/Iconoclasm/Layouts/LBEvo.plist. This is the plist that should be selected in iconoclasm. By having this central plist after it is set you won't have to go to settings/iconoclasm to change plist. It can all be done from LockBuilder. You only want to press Save LBEvo.plist if you have Vertical and Horizontal set. 


What does the load button do? -When you press Load it will display the plist you have stored, by using the store button. When you select a plist from the load list, it copies the selected plist and replaces LBEvo.plist contents with the contents of the plist you selected, then resprings your device. Allowing you to have multiple plist, but only one selected in Iconoclasm.

How do you close iconoclasm maker?- to close the iconoclasm maker just press the home button.

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