Winterboard debug on iOS8 - Advanced (For Themers)

Winterboard has an option for themers to view files to theme. You can find this feature under Winterboard/Advanced(For Themers).

Here you have a few options. Debug Logging and Record UIImages. Record UIImages will record all UIImages and stick them in /tmp/WBImages.

Debug Logging is much more in depth. Not only will it give you images, it will also give you every app bundle you have installed. Pretty much the best tool you can use to find image names, bundles, etc.

Before iOS8 you could install syslogd and write to the syslog. In iOS8 this package does not work, but there is a way to view this log. In real time. 

This is the process to get this log.
  1. You need to install APT 0.7 Strict from cydia. This allows you to use apt-get to install socat.
  2. Turn the switch on in winterboard for Debug Logging.
  3. In terminal (on your mac) you will need to login to your phone.
  4. ssh root@yourip press enter
  5. enter your password press enter
  6. apt-get install socat press enter
  7. socat - UNIX-CONNECT:/var/run/lockdown/syslog.sock press enter
  8. watch press enter
To end  type quit and press enter.

When you type watch it will print the log to your terminal screen. These messages will look like this.

Oct 23 22:13:05 Edwards-iPhone lsd[3093] <Warning>: WB:Debug:Bypass("/Applications/")
Oct 23 22:13:05 Edwards-iPhone lsd[3093] <Warning>: WB:Debug:PathBundle(/Applications/, NSBundle </var/stash/_.MIHYSe/Applications/> (not yet loaded))
Oct 23 22:13:05 Edwards-iPhone lsd[3093] <Warning>: WB:Debug: (

Themers only need to pay attention to anything that says WB:Debug. The above message is telling you it is theming which is your photos icon. If you look at Bundles/ that should look familiar to you. It does this for all apps. 

For example say you are themeing safari. Start the log and open the safari app, you will see the log start logging every thing even the images you need to theme.

Other socat commands, can be found by typing help.

    quit-                 exit session
    select [val]-         get [set] current database
                         val must be "file" or "mem"
    file [on/off]-        enable / disable file store
    memory [on/off]-      enable / disable memory store
    stats-                database statistics
    flush-                flush database
    dbsize [val]-         get [set] database size (# of records)
    watch-                print new messages as they arrive
    stop-                 stop watching for new messages
    raw-                  use raw format for printing messages
    std -                 use standard format for printing messages
    *-                  show all log messages
    * key val-            equality search for messages (single key/value pair)
    * op key val-         search for matching messages (single key/value pair)
    * [op key val]- ...   search for matching messages (multiple key/value pairs)
                         operators:  =  <  >  ! (not equal)  T (key exists)  R (regex)
                         modifiers (must follow operator):

                                 C=casefold  N=numeric  S=substring  A=prefix  Z=suffix

If you have any issues my Twitter is @JunesiPhone

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