miWeather for iOS8

miWeather 8 for GroovyLock is a simple lockscreen that gives you weather details on your lockscreen. It also has a few other options such as changing the color of all text. Even clock and date. This lockscreen will work on iOS7 and iOS8. Will fit devices 5, 5s, 6, and 6plus.

To install you will need to unzip the file sent to you. Once unzipped move the folder to var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock.

You should now see miWeather iOS8 in GroovyLock. If you press the wrench icon you will get this.

Simply reinstall GroovyLock and you will be able to press the wrench icon. Once you can you can adjust these settings.
  • sUnit
  • TwentyFourHourClock
  • PadZero
  • sCityCodes
  • StickForecast
  • ShowNight
  • ShowClock
  • ShowCity
  • ShowRainInfo
  • ShowSunrise
  • TextColor
sUnit - Enables Celsius.
TwentyFourHourClock - Enables 24hr Clock
PadZero - Adds a 0 in front of the time if a single digit
sCityCodes - Enter your location code here. Find your code from Weather.com. Video
StickForecast - Enable for forecast to always show, if set to off shake device to show forecast
ShowNight - Enables Night forecast. Day/Night icons will fade on the forecast.
ShowClock - Turns clock on and off.
ShowCity - Turns city on and off.
Show RainInfo - Turns Raininfo on and off.
Show Sunrise - Turns Sunrise on and off.
TextColor - Allows you to change all text colors. 

There is multiple color options.
Example: red, blue, green, purple ...
You can change the color by hex.
Example: #fffff - white, #000000 - black, #00a2ff - blue, #ffe400 - yellow...
You can change the color by rgba.
Example: rgba(255,255,255,0.5) - white with 50% opacity, rgba(0,0,0,0,0.5) - black with 50% opacity.

RGBA extends the rgb (red, green, blue) color model to include an alpha (opacity) value which determines how translucent it is.
RGBA takes 4 values. 
  1. The color of red 0 for 0% red 255 for 100% red.
  2. The color of green 0 for 0% green 255 for 100% green.
  3. The color of blue 0 for 0% blue 255 for 100% blue.
  4. The alpha value. 0 is totally transparent 1 is fully opaque or solid. 
You can adjust the alpha value in .1 increments. Example 50% transparent would be 0.5.

You can get miWeather 8 here: miWeather 8
This will also work on iOS7:)

If you have any issues my Twitter is @JunesiPhone

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