#Alizhe is live in #cydia

Bringing concepts to reality. Alizhe LS is a concept by @__LiQuiD__ and coded by @JunesiPhone.

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This is a very stunning setup, that completely redesigns the look and feel of your lockscreen.

Features display of City, Time, Date, Current Temp, Description of weather, unique weather icons, hi and low, dew, wind, and a two day forecast.

Other features are day and night wallpaper. Will show an orange blur wallpaper in the daytime, and a blue blur wallpaper at night. You can switch these out with your own images if you want. 

For the forecast there is an option to show all the time or be controlled by shaking the device. Instructions below.

This does not use GPS you set your zip code/weather code locally with ifile. This is to be used with GroovyLock. At this time there are conflicts with theme info.plist and GroovyLock. Instructions below

Recommend using lockscreen tool to remove stock time, date, slider, and camera icon.

To set the weather enter your zipcode/weather code to this spot in

var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock/Alizhe/weather/js/weather.js (Using ifile free in cydia)

var sCityCodes = "38671"; //weather code. Find from weather.com look in url.
If you are not familiar with your weather code I have a video tutorial here: LINK

If you do not want the forecast to show all the time you can edit this line in the same file as described above.
var StickForecast="yes"; // if you want forecast to show without shake set to yes to use shake set to no.

Still being in weather.js you can edit this line to change your time to 12 or 24hr time.
var TwentyFourHourClock = "true"; //Set to true for 24hr false to 12hr.

Continuing in the weather.js file you can edit this line to change to Celsius
var sUnit = "s";  // m for celcius s for fareinheit

Alizhe uses the language set by your phone. To override this feature you will need to replace this function in the weather.js

function GetXmlFeed() {
   var lang = (typeof language == "string")?language.replace(/-/g, "_"):language;
   var lang = "en_us";  
   var sc = document.createElement("script");
  sc.src='http://wxdata.weather.com/wxdata/mobile/mobagg/' + code + '.js?key=2227ef4c-dfa4-11e0-80d5-0022198344f4&units=' + sUnit + '&locale=' + lang + '&cb=XmlFeedCB';

The change was var lang="en_us";

Make sure Hold LS is not on in groovylock settings and respring!

In var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock/Alizhe/ I have placed two images one for the Day wallpaper and one for the Night wallpaper. You can replace these with your own images. Please make sure you name them exactly as they are, even capitalization is important!

Please note that all the items placed in between the "" need to have no spaces. For an example I will use the weather code. 

var sCityCodes = "38671"; //weather code. Find from weather.com look in url.

var sCityCodes = " 38671"; //weather code. Find from weather.com look in url.

Big thanks to @__LiQuiD__ for this design, I think it is absolutely stunning.

Can you design, but not code? Well contact me with your ideas. I would love to help you turn it into reality. Email: JunesGraphics@gmail.com

Want this free? I will be choosing a random person who likes our facebook! It will be announced on http://facebook.com/JunesiPhone  This will be $2 in cydia soon.

Thanks for your support!

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