GroovyLock miWeather v1.2

Alright lets get this ball rolling.

I have recently created ConceptLS this amazing lockscreen gives you the ability to load lockscreens directly from it. This is done without ever going into any settings. It is set directly from the lockscreen. This includes setting your location and weather preferences.

miWeather is a stand alone GroovyLock lockscreen. It (required) you to set your location through editing a file named weather.js. In version 1.2 I added this feature that would auto set your location and preferences if you have set this in ConceptLS first.

This means the lockscreen kinda talk to each other. So if you set up Concept LS and you just want to use GroovyLock miWeather. You turn off the ConceptLS cydget and would go into settings and turn on GroovyLock with miWeather checked.

Now when you do this you will not have to edit miWeather code. It will use the same info you set for ConceptLS to use in miWeather! I think this will be great and I am going to implement it into all my lockscreens.

What does this mean for you? This means that any lockscreen you download from me, will always be set to your location. (If you have ConceptLS set). I am using ConceptLS as a main hub because it is so easy to change your details with touch interaction (something GroovyLock lacks).

On top of that, if you don't want to use GroovyLock you don't have too. Now when you load miWeather in ConceptLS it will detect you are loading it with ConceptLS and give you time and date.

Another feature in miWeather is inside the weather.js file (remember this is only if you don't use ConceptLS) You can set wether you would like the time/date to show.

var ShowClock="no"; if you want a clock just change it to var ShowClock="yes"; then a clock will display.

If you load this in ConceptLS then the time will automatically show to fill that blank void on the lockscreen.

Other updates include:
Fixing the fonts. You now have a stock font, this means it will work with any Bytafont2 font you use.
Better extended description. On the previous version 1.1 It seemed the description never changed. This is fixed.

If you don't have GroovyLock miWeather you can check it out here. DOWNLOAD

Thanks for your support!

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