ThemeLib Tutorial (Theme statusbar, clock, newstand, badges, and more on iOS8)

ThemeLib is an open source extension for Winterboard that allows you to theme things winterboard can't. Including .car files, clock, news stand, dock, badges and much much more.

Here is how to use it. First add this repo to cydia download ThemeLib. Now you just need to add the images you want to theme to your winterboard theme.

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A few examples, most images are red so you can easily see what it changes when you apply in winterboard. The statusbar icons don't change color so I added my statusbar theme from 69 Blue iOS7.

UIImages - Statusbar, settings switch glow, page slider, checkmark, uiloaders etc.

Clock, Clock Hands, Newstand, and Badge.

Camera App

Settings Icons - Passbook and ApplePay bundle is icons - Icon@3x.png, Icon@2x.png, Icon-Small@3x.png, and Icon-Small@2x.png thanks to @Jokerg7 for finding this. iBooks and Podcasts settings icons are themed through the app itself.

ChatKit - Bubbles, Audio Buttons, Record Menu, etc - Control Center, BatteryMask, Folder Mask, etc.

Safari and Safari Share Page - Add to homescreen icon, bookmarks, add tab, history, reader button,  facebook and twitter icon, etc.

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