Winterboard update for iOS8!!

I was able to test WinterBoard, and in my opinion is a great update. For many users, there isn't much you need to know besides there is no longer a WinterBoard icon on your springboard. You will now access WinterBoard through the So what are you waiting for? Go grab the update in Cydia!

Themer Info-

  • 8.x: Support @3x Image Hunting
  • 8.x: Remove SummerBoard Mode
  • 7+8: Theme .car File PNGs (coolstar)
  • 7+8: Preferences Icons (JunesiPhone)
  • 6.x: Better SharedArtwork Hook
  • Better Resource Pathing (Surenix)
  • New @3x WinterBoard Icon (Surenix)
  • Fix Crash in Bundle Theme Cache
  • Remove Standalone Application
  • Image Recorder Now Uses Bundles
WB will now allow you to theme icons. No more need to compile .artwork files. Apps with .car files can be themed just as all UIImages were themed before. There is no longer a need to compile .car, just put the image in the right bundle and it will theme.

Example Bundles/Themes

 - Statusbar, settings switch glow, page slider, checkmark, uiloaders etc.

Camera App

Settings Icons - Passbook and ApplePay bundle is icons - Icon@3x.png, Icon@2x.png, Icon-Small@3x.png, and Icon-Small@2x.png thanks to @Jokerg7 for finding this. iBooks and Podcasts settings icons are themed through the app itself.

ChatKit - Bubbles, Audio Buttons, Record Menu, etc - Control Center, BatteryMask, Folder Mask, etc.

Safari and Safari Share Page - Add to homescreen icon, bookmarks, add tab, history, reader button,  facebook and twitter icon, etc.

100+ extracted .car files and UIImages.

WB will provide you information for all images you wish to theme through WinterBoard Debug. Tutorial  <--

I can't stress enough how useful WBDebug is, many disregard it as it seems complicated, but will save you so much time. If you need help just let me know @JunesiPhone

WB will also record some UIImages to tmp/WBImages. You will get your uikit.artwork,, springboardUIframework, MediaPlayerUI, AddressBookUI, and a few others. It will not give you per app images, but Winterboard Debug will give you everything in detail.


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