Alizhe 8 for GroovyLock

GroovyLock Alizhe 8

Alizhe is a concept @__LiQuiD__  brought to me late 2013, we made it into a fully working lockscreen and had an amazing release. It has now been updated to iOS8 and will work on iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6+ devices. It is a FREE update for anyone who previously purchased!

Originally Alizhe needed you to set your settings via editing a text file. Since then GroovyLock introduced the Config.js mechanism. Now allowing you to configure your settings without touching a file. 

Settings include (all set within groovylock)
Locale = this is where you enter your weather code. Weather codes tutorial HERE
Celsius = allows you to change temperature to celsius
TwentyFourHour = allows you to change the clock to 24hr
Kph = allows you to change wind speed to kph
Forecast = turns forecast on or off
TODWallpaper = lets you use a time of day wallpaper (blue at night, orange at day) or the wallpaper set by settings.

To hide the stock clock download Lock Screen Tools. It allows you to hide stock elements.

I am thinking of adding a GPS button, but I am not sure right now. I personally don't see a good tweak (public tweak) that provides good lat and long where I can use GPS. There is Lat & Long by Ian Nicholl which is on his private repo, if he released it on a public repo I may give it a go.

What do you think about GPS, is it something you would use? If you had to open an app to get new coordinates would you use it? Would love to know. 

If you want to try out Lat and Long by Ian Nicholl you can find it here.


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